A comprehensive project for the construction of a two-way pier for Risoil Terminal

14 Apr 2022

As part of a comprehensive project for the construction of a two-way pier for Risoil Terminal, S-Engineering employees completed design work on the development and implementation of automation systems and power supply systems. In addition, the software is currently being prepared. It is also planned to supply switchboard equipment, installation work, laboratory tests and commissioning.

The equipment designed and manufactured by S-Engineering will perform the functions of controlling process equipment in local, remote manual, and automatic modes, ensure the safe conduct of the process, and allow the customer to choose a route to complete the tasks.

Thus, our equipment will help the customer to increase productivity and increase the number of shipped products by adding new routes.

The features of this project for the customer are:
– the ability to transship materials from one vessel to another;
– to carry out parallel loading of two vessels from existing silos for storing materials;
– accept materials for storage from the vessel.

We remind you that S-Engineering has been cooperating with Risoil Terminal since 2015. Our specialists carried out a complex of works on automation and power supply of the terminal’s capacities. A project for the construction of a fire fighting pumping station is also being implemented, which we will talk about in our next publications.