About Company
S-Engineering is a Ukrainian engineering company, also represented on the world market. An EPC contractor in the field of automation and power supply of industrial enterprises. It also performs work in the areas of electric drive control, technical security and telecommunication systems.

S-Engineering is the only company in Ukraine that produces premium-class electrical equipment with the maximum depth of added value formation. Over 14 years of work, more than 600 complex projects have been implemented in various industries. The company has 210 employees.

“A feature and an advantage of S-Engineering is that we independently develop high-tech solutions in the field of automation and power supply, along with high-quality solutions and services, a balanced pricing policy and a high degree of technology localization from world industry leaders,” according to Batyr Annaiev, founder of S-Engineering.


  • Full production cycle
  • Maximum depth of added value formation.
  • Localization of technologies from global industry leaders (franchises).
  • Formed production system of the company:
  • well-established business processes of the enterprise,
  • multi-level employee training,
  • high tech equipment,
  • implemented product quality control system, etc.
  • Modern Software which includes:
  • Wrike
  • AutoCAD
  • Pipedrive
  • SAP
  • and others


  • Compliance of products with international standards.
  • Own innovative solutions (SENUMAC and LEFFOL technologies)
  • Weighted pricing policy.
  • The total area of ​​the plant is 7500 sq.m.

S-Engineering is an export-oriented company. It is already part of the supply chain system, supplying its products to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the MENA region. Geography of implemented S-Engineering projects: Ukraine, Germany, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Algeria, Austria, Czech Republic and other countries.

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Industrial complex
The company has the necessary own technical and production resources for the implementation of a set of works on design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, service maintenance. The full production cycle allows S-Engineering to manufacture electrical equipment up to 35kV. The company’s goal is to bring the engineering services of Ukraine to a qualitatively new level both in the domestic and foreign markets.

The philosophy of S-Engineering is based on the close relationship between science and technology. 7 employees of the company have a PhD degree in technical and economic sciences. As a contribution to the development of science and engineering education in Ukraine, S-Engineering created an innovative laboratory for digital automation and electric drive technologies at ONTU. The development vector of S-Engineering as a socially responsible business is supported by an established system of interaction with engineering universities in the country. S-Engineering has awarded scholarships to the best engineering students. The company also operates the “Mentor” system – a comprehensive internship for students at the S-Engineering plant is organized, and young specialists at the beginning of their careers in S-Engineering interact for a long time with experienced curators, whom the company assigns to each newcomer.

Innovation laboratory at ONTU
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Work principles of the company
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We guarantee quality
Of course, we value our reputation. Cooperating only with reliable and trusted partners and suppliers, even at the initial stage of the project, we already have confidence in its perfection.
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We focus on our customers
Each Customer is unique for us. Taking into account the specifics and industry focus, the scope of work and the goals set, we, by advising at each stage of the project, help to choose and expertly translate into reality the best option in terms of the “goal-quality-price” ratio.
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We work for the results
Each member of our team, performing their functions, provides an opportunity for an integrated approach to the task, skillfully implements improved development and ensures the quality of work that we are rightfully proud of.