Automation system based on “SCADA plus” at Protein Invest Oil Extraction Plant Engaged in Soybean Processing

Automation system based on “SCADA plus” at Protein Invest Oil Extraction Plant Engaged in Soybean Processing

07 Mar 2020
Automation system based on “SCADA plus” at Protein Invest Oil Extraction Plant Engaged in Soybean Processing - 1

Experts of S-Engineering have improved the automation system at Protein Invest Oil Extraction Plant (Khmelnytskyi Region). Supervisory control solution was developed and implemented from scratch with reserved data center. Therefor standard SCADA system was transformed into the product of S-Engineering company named “SCADA plus” by S-Engineering. This is a single platform, which coordinates, analyzes, optimizes production process and provides communications with local controlling systems of all plant sections. When receiving data the system on its own compares it with the set values and in case of deviation from task informs the engineering personnel, allowing employees to take the required actions.

“SCADA plus” system advantage lies in the fact that it is seemingly a standard automated process control system, but it performs a number of tasks, peculiar for systems upper-level system of oil extraction plant”, noted Artem Sorokin, Director of the Design Department of S-Engineering. He represented this project at Siemens Ukraine international conference and told about trends of industrial automation using the example of Protein Invest Oil Extraction Plant. Moreover, among the advantages of “SCADA plus” solution there is an opportunity for management team of Protein Invest enterprise to track KPI of a shift and plant costs, make up statements of accounts, keep cost accounting.

All software and PLC cabinets for Protein Invest automated process control system were implemented on the basis of SIEMENS Company technologies. We also proposed the customer SIEMENS solution in electrical power supply systems. 35 MCCs were produced by S-Engineering Company on the basis of SIEMENS Sivacon S8.

It is worth reminding that S-Engineering Company performed full cycle engineering in automation and electric supply of main areas of Protein Invest Oil Extraction Plant several years ago. The works were performed at such sections as soybean elevator, oilcakes elevator, oil storage and shipment and auxiliary rooms.

We also acted as technologists on the project for the new construction of the oil extraction plant of the Protein Invest.

The heating plant on oil extraction plant of the Protein Invest is a complex high-tech family with a capacity of 19 MW. The heating plant provides steam to all technological sections of the plant. The customer received two boilers with a steam capacity of 10 tons per hour and 16 tons per hour from the supplier without tying control systems and technologist support.

S-Engineering specialists in the heating plant section were completed:

–    Selected and designed instrumentation

–    A comprehensive heating plant management system has been developed;

–    An independent automation control system for two heating plants was applied;

–    A unified system of the heating plant’s Industry Automation was developed and launched, which controls all systems from boiler ones to gas-to-air regulators;

–    Technological equipment was launched and commissioned.

Among the peculiarities of this project we would like to emphasize automation and electric power supply of complex sophisticated enterprise object that is gas boiler house (steam output 26 MTPH).

The object of new construction of Protein Invest Oil Extraction Plant was commissioned in 2018. Plant capacity is 750 tons per day of soybeans. One-time storage capacity is 37 thousand tons. S-Engineering proceeded to the construction of this object at the beginning of 2017 at the stage of designing. Since the commissioning of Protein Invest Oil Extraction Plant, S-Engineering has been providing the enterprise with engineering support.