SIEMENS Certificates

 System Integrator (SI)

S-engineering is an official partner of the Department of Industrial Automation, Continuous Processes and Drives (DF / PD) of Siemens Ukraine as a SYSTEM INTEGRATOR (SI) in the following areas:

  • Components for SIMATIC automation systems
  • Low-voltage switching equipment SIRUS, SIMOCODE
  • Frequency converters less than 250 kW
  • Low voltage motors
  • Frequency converters and motors over 250 kW
  • Instrumentation

Factory Automation, Process Control System, Drives & Motion.

SIVACON Technology Partner

SIVACON meets the needs of the global market; for example, it meets the desire for a standard solution on one hand, and on the other – to obtain it from a local supplier, which translates into advantages in financing and proximity of the supplier.

The S-engineering company has licensing rights for the design and manufacture of complete low-voltage switchgears for currents up to 7400A, assembled using SIEMENS SIVACON 8PT, SIVACON S8 technologies.

SIMOPRIME Technology Partner

SIMOPRIME are medium voltage switchgear with vacuum circuit-breakers (air-insulated) for maximum operating voltage up to 17.5 kV.

SIMOPRIME is a one-stop solution for every region and every requirement.

The company “S-engineering” has licensing rights for the design and manufacture of complete medium voltage switchgear 6-10 kV, for currents up to 3600A using SIEMENS SIMOPRIME technology.

Partner certificates

The decision to approve the supplier of the State Enterprise

National nuclear power generating company “Energoatom”