Currency swap agreement with “Ukreximbank” to obtain Hryvnia financing security in euros

27 Dec 2021

S-Enginnering became the first company in the medium-sized business segment in Ukraine with which JSC “Ukreximbank” (JSC Ukreximbank *) entered into a currency swap agreement to obtain Hryvnia financing under euro collateral.

“It is a convenient tool for our business to manage the company’s finances. For us, transparency of conditions, a minimum package of documents and the ability to set the terms of operations are important. In addition, a currency swap agreement is a great alternative to credit products, ”said Natalia Goncharenko, CFO of S-Engineering.

“In seasonal fluctuations, swaps and forward transactions are effective tools for minimizing the impact of exchange rates concerning the changes in the business. In addition, they allow not to divert the company’s foreign exchange resources to meet current production needs and provide greater variability in choosing the optimal financing conditions, “said Anton Boldyrev, Director of Treasury and Investment Services of Ukreximbank.

* JSC Ukreximbank is a state export-import bank, a joint-stock company, 100% of the shares of which belong to the state represented by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The only financial agent of the Government of Ukraine for servicing MFI loans, a partner of world-famous financial institutions in various programs.