Deputy Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine visited “S-Engineering” Laboratory in ONAFT

17 Feb 2020

During the working trip to Odessa the Deputy Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Egor Stadnyi visited Odessa National Academy of food Technologies. There was “S-Engineering” innovative laboratory among the academy laboratories, visited by him. Rector of ONAFT Bogdan Egorov told the Deputy Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine about the laboratory capabilities, as well as about large-scale projects of “S-Engineering” wherein the graduating students took part.

Furthermore, recently the experts of “S-Engineering” Company organized in the laboratory of ONAFT practical training for the professors’ skill improvement.

In “S-Engineering” laboratory in ONAFT there is equipment of famous world’s brands manufactured in 2018-2019. Therefore, at least during 10 years the laboratory will be able to represent modern processes of automation and electric power supply of industrial enterprises. Wall unit design allows combining and carrying out laboratory works of diverse complexity, as well as production tasks. Wall units of the laboratory are divided into several groups:  electrical engineering, electric drive, automation and SCADA-system. It is worth reminding that a new innovative Educational and Research Laboratory for Electric Drives and Automation Systems was opened in ONAFT at the end of 2019 on the initiative of and fully funded by the Chairman of the Management Board of “S-Engineering” Batyr Annaev. Read more about the Laboratory at our website –