Development and production of electrical equipment for an oil pipeline in Algeria

Development and production of electrical equipment for an oil pipeline in Algeria

14 May 2021

The S-Engineering company continues to expand the list of countries to which its products are exported. Panel equipment designed and manufactured for the SKIKDA – KHROUB & KHROUB EL EULMA oil pipeline section in Algeria.

The first stage of manufactured electrical equipment supply has already been delivered to Algeria and is being assembled at the production site. At the moment, the second part is ready for shipping. In total, our specialists have designed and manufactured more than 40 cabinets using SIVACON S8 Small Design technology and ten wall-mounted cabinets. Most of the cabinets are designed as part of five process load control centres. Based on the customer’s requirements for protection and automation systems redundancy (as well as the lack of space for installation of switchboard equipment) the equipment produced is characterized by a high density.

For this order, design documentation, operational documentation, and commissioning documentation have been developed.

The main feature of the project was that S-Engineering specialists developed and approved the necessary documentation in two languages: French and English, and a special customer condition was fulfilled – the equipment was manufactured in a short time.

Recall that, in addition to Ukraine, the geography of implemented projects and supplied equipment S-Engineering includes such countries as Germany, Austria, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Moldova and other countries.