Film about automation and power supply technologies from S-Engineering and Siemens at Risoil Terminal

14 Dec 2020

A film about automation and power supply technologies at Risoil Terminal was prepared by the S-Engineering company in cooperation with Siemens.

Risoil Terminal in the Chornomorsk city is the largest export-import loading terminal on the Black Sea coast. It plays a key role in the export of edible vegetable oils. The complex of works on automation and power supply of this facility was carried out by S-Engineering. The specialists of our plant have been involved in the construction of the first and second stages of the terminal since 2015, as well as in the expansion of the terminal’s capacity in 2018-19.

The S-Engineering company has manufactured and installed switchboard equipment that provides power and control of the system for transporting grain to storage silos and to ship.

The Risoil terminal automation system, developed and implemented by S-Engineering, provides full control and monitoring of the grain movement routes within the terminal, synchronizes the receipt and dispatch of raw materials, and allows automatic control of conveyors, valves, and aspiration systems.

The system is based on Siemens AG products. For human contact with the automation system, the HMI system built based on the WIN CC SCADA system from Siemens AG, and S-Engineering’s solutions, which allow minimizing the development time of the software product, correspond. Besides, it makes it possible to provide extended functionality, turning a conventional SCADA system into a SCADA-plus system.