ISO, OHSAS certificates and licenses for the export of equipment manufactured at the S-Engineering plant

26 Nov 2020

Quality, safety, the energy efficiency of the work performed by S-Engineering are confirmed by ISO, OHSAS certificates, and appropriate licenses for certain types of work. At the stage of negotiations, these are the documents that our project partners in European and MENA countries ask to provide.

Today, the practice of conducting a client-side audit is the norm for S-Engineering. Besides, every year S-Engineering undergoes a technical audit according to the strict criteria of Siemens AG, established, among other things, for European companies.

The existing production system of the S-Engineering company contains the following components:

– streamlined business processes of the enterprise;

– multilevel training of employees;

– high-tech equipment;

– product quality control system, etc.

Full production cycle and the total area of production and administrative premises 7500 square meter allows S-Engineering to manufacture up to 100 sets of full-size (height 2000 mm or more) and up to 300 sets of mid-size electrical cabinets and control panels per month.

Thus, the Ukrainian and foreign markets receive competitive products that meet international quality standards with СE certificates.

Note that S-Engineering has been exporting equipment manufactured at its own production facilities for several years. Thus, the equipment manufactured by S-Engineering is already supplied to Germany, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, and other countries.