SIEMENS Licenses

License of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection. (Series AE № 262193 dated 01.07.2013)

License of the State Department Fire Security of ESM of Ukraine. (Series AB № 548634 dated 17.01.2008)

Permission to start the high risk works. (№ 500.13.51 dated 16.07.2013)


Since February 2010 the Company “S-engineering” has the licensing rights to carry out engineering works and a set of works assigned to the general contractor during construction.

Permission to carry out work of increased danger on the main ammonia pipelines

Permission to perform gas hazardous work and work in explosion and fire hazard areas

License of state architectural- build inspection

Permission to begin work of increased danger

Permission of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine in Odessa Region to begin work

Permission to carry out tests of electric equipment with voltage over 100V

Permission for the operation of technological electrical equipment with voltage above 1000V (0.23/70)

Permission to carry out work of increased danger with hoisting machinery