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S-Engineering has chosen the path of maximizing in-house production of all required components. The plant produces high-tech equipment for power supply and automation systems, having at the input of the cycle only design documentation, sheet metal and a strip of electrical copper.
Manufacturing complex
The well-established business processes of the enterprise, multi-level employee training, high-tech equipment, and the implemented product quality control system allow S-Engineering to produce equipment that meets international standards. S-Engineering is the only company in Ukraine that produces premium-class electrical equipment with the maximum depth of added value formation.

The production facilities of the S-Engineering enterprise are located at their own production complex (Odessa), which consists of several sites.

The full production cycle and the total area of ​​production and administrative premises is 7500 sq.m. allows S-Engineering to manufacture up to 100 full-size and up to 300 mid-size electrical cabinets and control panels per month.

Manufacturing complex - 19
Aluminum and copper tire processing area
The copper parts of the switchgear busbar system are manufactured at a high-precision complex, which includes several machines. This equipment perforates holes of various shapes with an accuracy of 0.1 mm and bends parts with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. Copper strip produced in Germany and France is used as a raw material for the production of current-carrying tire.
Manufacturing complex - 20
Section for the production of metal structures
An extensive fleet of machines is presented at the site for the production of metal structures: a jig punch press, a jig milling machine, a turning and milling center with a Y axis, and several press brakes. Thanks to the constant expansion and updating of the machine park, S-Engineering is also able to manufacture the most complex equipment. At the same time, the depth of formation of the added value of the enterprise increases every year.
Manufacturing complex - 21
Electrical equipment production area
At the site for the production of switchboard equipment, metal cases are assembled, as well as the installation of copper busbars and electrical components. To perform electrical work on the assembly of switching circuits, consumables and cable and wire products from leading world manufacturers are used. In the complex with the assembly site there is a warehouse of metal products, electrical fittings and electrical components, which eliminates the need for special transportation of components to the assembly site, significantly increases the efficiency and quality of manufacturing. Great importance is attached to the tool base of production. To ensure high-quality installation, the best tools and fixtures from leading brands are used.
Manufacturing complex - 22
Section of the electrical laboratory
After the installation is completed, all equipment is type tested in the electrical laboratory, which is part of the S-Engineering Production Quality Control Service.

The Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL) conducts several types of tests. ETL checks moving mechanical parts and conducts dielectric tests of switchboard equipment with increased voltage of industrial frequency. In addition, a number of factory tests of switchboard equipment are carried out at S-Engineering production before shipment to the customer. And then acceptance testing of the equipment is carried out at the facility (all types of electrical tests before putting the equipment into operation). Such comprehensive tests are carried out both for equipment up to 1000V, and for equipment above 1kV up to 35kV inclusive.

The S-Engineering laboratory has been tested and received a certificate of compliance of measurement systems with the requirements of DSTU ISO 10012:2005.

Manufacturing complex - 23
Quality control service
Production Quality Control Service S-Engineering consists of the Technical Control Department (QCD) and the Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL). Quality control is carried out at all technological stages: from project development and receipt of materials to the warehouse to commissioning and commissioning of the facility.

QCD performs the following actions: incoming control (checking materials and components upon receipt at the warehouse); verification of design documentation for compliance with regulatory documents (European Union standards and Ukrainian standards); checking the assembly of cabinet equipment; control of observance of technological discipline; checking the completeness of the equipment before shipment to the customer (documentation, components, etc.), etc.

The S-Engineering Quality Service employs 5 engineers with many years of experience.

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