MES-system – is management automation, effective analytics of production processes from S-Engineering

20 Nov 2020


At each manufacturing enterprise, accounting is required at all stages of the technological process: from receiving raw materials to shipping products to the final consumer.

And if the accounting of receipts and expenses can be performed in the ERP system, then analyzing the relationship between the quantity of products and each production operation is a task for the MES level system. The system, which is being implemented by S-Engineering at manufacturing plants, is based on the SIEMENS SIMATIC IT platform.

The MES system allows you to answer the following questions:

  1. From which supplier, when and with what characteristics were the raw materials received?
  2. When and what to do? (Scheduling and setting tasks for each participant in the process).
  3. What was done? (Results).
  4. When, what, by whom, on what site was the work done?
  5. What is the efficiency of using energy resources (electricity / steam / gas, etc.)?
  6. Personnel performance (ranking by job qualification, total workload, etc.).
  7. When and with what characteristics was the product transferred from one technological operation to another?
  8. How much time did it take to manufacture the product?
  9. Downtime? (Optimization of product manufacturing time).

Besides, the MES-system allows you to analyze the efficiency of an enterprise/ workshop/ line/ machine and manage the disparate nomenclature of the product composition.

All this increases the efficiency of processes, increases the culture of production, and the efficiency of decision-making. Thus, the MES-system is effective analytics of production processes, management automation.

As a reminder, S-Engineering is a partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software in SIMATIC IT. More details on the link.