Модернизация элеватора «Веснянка» холдинга Kernel

Modernization of the Vesnyanka elevator of the Kernel holding

05 Nov 2021
Modernization of the Vesnyanka elevator of the Kernel holding - 1

The next stage in the modernization of the Vesnyanka elevator of the Kernel holding was carried out by S-Engineering.

During the implementation of the project, a modernization project was developed, equipment was supplied, electrical installation was carried out, the existing PLC and SCADA software was finalized, and commissioning was carried out in the following sections:

– power supply of grain dryers (cable routes and power switch cabinet);

– automation (adding new pieces of equipment to existing schemes and software);

– obstruction lights (two lights for the new elevator tower);

– lightning protection (for a new elevator tower).

S-Engineering provided the addition of new equipment to the software and to the automatic mode of operation of the Vesnyanka elevator and implemented the updating of routes at the enterprise. Thus, the integration of new equipment into existing circuits and software makes the work of operators more convenient.

Now the project for the Vesnyanka elevator has been completed and put into trial operation.

*The capacity of one-time storage of the Vesnyanka elevator (bit.ly/3DZmtok) — 125 thousand tons. Kernel is a vertical national national company operating in the agro-industrial production of Ukraine since 1995. Trademarks of Kernel: Shchedry Dar, Stozhar, CHUMAK, Lyubonka, QLIO, MARINADO, Le Blanc, KERNEL, Premi. S-Engineering has been cooperating with Kernel since 2013.