New complex automation and power supply project at Risoil S.A. terminal

22 Mar 2021
New complex automation and power supply project at Risoil S.A. terminal - 1

A new complex project for automation and power supply was completed by the S-Engineering company at the Risoil S.A.* terminal (Chornomorsk city). Design work, software development, supply of panel equipment, cable and tray products, installation and commissioning work for transport galleries and one of the bucket elevators were carried out. Thanks to this, the customer was able to operate the transport equipment for the transfer of materials from the area for receiving products from vehicles and transferring them to the lower silo park or for shipment to the port.

The equipment manufactured and implemented by S-Engineering has expanded its functionality in building routes and technologies for receiving, transferring, storing and shipping products. All this will help to increase the customer’s profit. Also, our equipment allows you to build routes more flexibly and use all the terminal’s production facilities. Besides, now the customer can load the vessel directly from the vehicle.

During the implementation of the project, the cross-sections of cable lines were recalculated to bring them in line with the capacities of the planned equipment.

Risoil S.A. – the largest export-import terminal for transshipment of edible oils and grains in the Black Sea region. S-Engineering has been cooperating with Risoil Terminal since 2015. Our specialists completed the expansion and improvement of the terminal’s capacities, participated in the construction of a modern loading and unloading complex, introduced modern automation and power supply technologies.