Participation in the technical re-equipment of the 330kV substation by order of the corporation “Soyuz” for the state enterprise NEC Ukrenergo

13 Aug 2020

S-Engineering company took part in the technical re-equipment of the 330kV Novokyivska substation by order of the Soyuz corporation for the State Enterprise NEC Ukrenergo. S-Engineering employees developed, manufactured, and delivered a complete transformer substation (CTS) for own needs 38.5 / 0.4 kV with a capacity of 630 kVA.

The optimal layout of the equipment made it possible to complete the package transformer substation in the dimensions of a standard container in a block-modular building (BMB), which was delivered to the Novokyivska substation. Thanks to this, the facility only needs to connect the finished CTS to the general power system.

A dry-type transformer Siemens Geafol, a complete gas-insulated switchgear 38.5 kV Siemens 8DA, and a switchgear 0.4 kV Siemens Sivacon are installed in the CTS.

The use of gas-insulated switchgear made it possible to significantly reduce the overall dimensions of the package transformer substation and increase operational safety. The Siemens SIPROTEC5 relays protection and automation device installed in the package transformer substation, provides the maximum level of equipment protection and the possibility of substation dispatching.

All work at the Novokyivska substation (the village of Khotiv, Kyiv region) will be carried out at the existing substation. The completion date for the project is 2020.