Production for the needs of the Territorial Defense Forces at S-Engineering

23 Mar 2022
Doing everything possible for the win, S-Engineering employees continue to help the defenders of Ukraine in Territorial Defense Forces with materials, equipment, and by manufacturing special products. Since the beginning of the war, among other things, we have been manufacturing potbelly stoves in our production and sending them to the Territorial Defense Forces.
In peacetime, we gave light to factories and people by participating in projects to modernize the energy system of Ukraine, energy systems and automation systems of factories, terminals, infrastructure facilities… And now S-Engineering gives warmth to the defenders of Ukraine. We believe that it is the warmth and unity of hearts that support and protect lives, businesses, countries, and the world.
We wish our employees who are already serving with weapons in their hands, as well as the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other defenders of the country, the soonest return to their families after the victory of Ukraine.
Glory to Ukraine!!