What was done

S-Engineering specialists took part in the construction “from scratch” of the AdamPolSoya soybean processing plant. A set of works was performed on design, software development, production and supply of equipment, installation and commissioning of automation systems and power supply of production sites:

  • Performance of works on thermometry of soybean silos.
  • Supply and execution of lighting works for the soybean elevator.
  • Supply and performance of work on control systems for scraping screws for the meal elevator.
  • Supply and execution of works on control systems for pumps and fans of the cooling tower (6).
  • Supply and execution of works on control systems for loading arms for soybean and meal elevator.
  • Supply of equipment and performance of work for the temporary connection of the soybean elevator.
  • Supply of equipment and performance of work on integration into the overall automation system of the existing elevator. Ventilation, air conditioning and heating system (buildings 100,101).
  • Connection of the busbar from the main switchboard of TP-2 to the MSS of the preparation shop and the MSS of the extraction shop.
  • Supply of equipment and execution of works on the construction of an oil extraction plant in the village of Adampol
  • Khmelnitsky region on the systems of automatic process control systems of the upper level of the OEP, the soybean elevator and the meal elevator, on the supply of 35kV and 10kV cells for the 35/10kV substation, on the power supply system of the 35/10 kV substation.
  • Supply of equipment and work on level sensors of soybean elevator silos and meal.
  • Design work and supply of equipment for TP-2 10/0.4 kV.
  • Cabinet for connecting the generator and the 2nd feeder for the input of the fire extinguishing pumping station.
  • Supply and execution of works on the alternative fuel supply system.
  • Delivery and work on the expansion of the WinCC workstation of the meal elevator.
  • Supply of Siemens equipment / Temperature measurement of elevator bearings of soybean and meal elevators.
  • Delivery of the extension of archive tags of WinCC licenses to workstations for operators of preparation and extraction workshops.
  • Commissioning work in the boiler shop.
  • Works on the limit switches of the soybean and meal elevator.
  • Works on the transfer of tank management from the operator’s meal.
    and other works.

In 2021, S-Engineering carried out work on the modernization (expansion) of the meal storage of the Bud Invest elevator. Thanks to the work of our company, the volume of one-time storage of meal at the enterprise has increased – two tanks have been added to the existing six tanks. The equipment, manufactured and delivered by S-Engineering to the customer, performs the acceptance and unloading of the meal to / from the new storage tanks. For this project, power shields were manufactured using SIVACON S8 technology. The system we have modified allows us to manage new technological equipment, which was installed as part of the modernization of the meal storage. Also, the complex of works on the project included the implementation of installation and commissioning works and the development of software (updating the existing control and visualization program).

  • Client: Elevator “Bud Invest” (OEP AdamPolSoya, ATK)
  • Year of implementation: 2016-2018, 2021
  • Country of implementation: Ukraine

AdamPolSoya™ is one of the largest soybean processing plants in Ukraine. The productivity of this oil extraction plant is 1500 tons of products per day. The linear elevator “Bud Invest” is located at the AdamPolSoya oil extraction plant, in the Khmelnytsky region, the village of Adampol. The Bud Invest elevator is also part of the Agrarian Technology Company (ATK) agricultural holding.