The project for one of the largest confectionery enterprises in Ukraine - Mondelis Ukraine

The project for one of the largest confectionery enterprises in Ukraine – Mondelis Ukraine

25 Oct 2021
For one of the largest confectionery enterprises in Ukraine – Mondelis Ukraine* – S-Engineering specialists are carrying out a new project. Now the project is at the stage of commissioning (setting of 10kV protection settings) based on the recommendations of the technical report on the calculation of the arc flash.
Based on the NEPLAN software complex, our specialists have performed the following works:
– modeling of the supply network diagram of the “Mondelis Ukraine” enterprise (Trostyanets);
– calculation of short circuit currents (Short Circuit);
– coordination of protection of relay protection and automation devices for 10kV network and circuit breaker settings (Selectivity Analysis);
– calculation of the arc flash energy (Arc Flash study).
To work on the project, six S-Engineering employees underwent remote training in the NEPLAN program in English. In addition to training, S-Engineering acquired a license for the NEPLAN program.
Thus, our specialists have adjusted the protection settings to minimize the arc flash and increase the safety of the operating personnel during electrical installations. The smaller the arc flash, the lower the class of personal protective equipment (PPE) required for service personnel. After commissioning and final recalculation of the arc flash, marking stickers with calculation data will be placed on all three-phase switchboards / panels of the enterprise. Operators will be required to wear appropriate PPE based on these stickers with the specified arc flash energy.
Arc flash calculation was carried out on the basis of IEEE 1584 “Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations”, which is not valid and has no analogs in the regulatory framework in Ukraine. Thus, our specialists have fulfilled the international requirement of the client company for labor protection.
*”Mondelis Ukraine” is a member of the Mondelēz International group of companies. It is an American multinational food company. It is the largest confectionery company in the world, according to the official website Until 2014, the Mondelis Ukraine company was called Kraft Foods Ukraine. Now the enterprise in Trostyanets produces the following products: chocolate “Korona”, “Milka”, “Barni”, “Picnic”; cookies BelVita, OREO, Tuc, etc.