S-Engineering Provides Audit Services To Enterprises

S-Engineering Provides Audit Services To Enterprises

19 Jul 2019
S-Engineering Provides Audit Services To Enterprises - 1

One of the company’s activities is to conduct an audit of engineering systems and equipment of enterprises to determine the necessary optimization and modernization.

The audit of the process control system and drive control system was carried out for the customer. The works consisted of two stages: the development of the stand for the audit and, directly, the audit itself.

For the audit, engineers of S-Engineering developed the PLC and HMI stand software, which involves analyzing the performance of the Customer’s system with the definition of faulty equipment that does not work correctly or is not optimized. The stand consisted of PLC S7-1200, operator panel and TWERD MFC710.

Further, S-Engineering specialists conducted an audit, which revealed all the parameters of the TWERD MFC710 frequency converter needed to draw up reasonable conclusions about the performance of the system. A detailed and in-depth analysis of the data obtained at the facility was carried out and a report was prepared with a list of all the reasons for the incorrect operation of individual equipment and the system as a whole, which led to frequent equipment breakdowns.

The results of the audit showed that recommendations for replacing existing drive equipment at the Customer’s facility line is a rational and economically sound solution to eliminate the causes of frequent equipment breakdowns and production line downtime.