S-Engineering - SENUMAC technology will be implemented at the sea terminal Grintur-Ex (Bunge Limited) in Mykolaiv

S-Engineering – SENUMAC technology will be implemented at the sea terminal Grintur-Ex (Bunge Limited) in Mykolaiv

29 Sep 2020

The unique S-Engineering technology – SENUMAC will be implemented at the sea terminal Grintur-Ex (Bunge Limited*) in the Mykolaiv port. The corresponding agreement was signed between S-Engineering and the Ukrainian office of the American agro-industrial holding Bunge Limited.

SENUMAC is a loading control system for bulk materials conveyor lines. The technology allows to increase the productivity of shipment, minimize the influence of the human factor, and also reduce energy costs.

A comprehensive project for the implementation of SENUMAC technology consists of several stages: design, software development, installation, commissioning. It is planned that already in the first half of 2021, grain handling at the Grintur-Ex terminal will be carried out using the new SENUMAC technology.

At this stage, a feasibility study of the project has been developed, taking into account the peculiarities of the Grintur-Ex terminal. Note that the algorithms of SENUMAC technology are individually adapted by S-Engineering specialists for each new terminal where this patented technology is implemented.

Let us remind you that SENUMAC has been implemented and successfully operates at the following terminals: Posco (NKHP, Mykolaiv), Cofco International (DSSK, Mykolaiv), Novotekh Terminal (Odesa). The total transshipment capacity of these terminals is 6.5 million tons per year. The transshipment capacity of the Grintur-Ex terminal is 3 million tons per year. In addition to Grintur-Ex, two more terminals on the Black Sea coast are currently in the process of developing the introduction of SENUMAC technology, with a total transshipment capacity of 9 million tons per year.

Besides, at the Grintur-Ex marine terminal, S-Engineering specialists will update and improve the industrial automation system, as well as integrate the SENUMAC system into the overall terminal management system.

* The production complex of the oil extraction plant and the Grintur-Ex terminal for transshipment of food products is located at berths No. 13 and 14 on the territory of the Mykolaiv seaport. S-Engineering began cooperation with Bunge Limited in 2015 with design work and continued to supply electrical equipment for building an automated control system for the steam power shop of this complex. Also, the specialists of our company have developed software and performed commissioning works on the implementation of an automation system for the steam power shop.