Seminar on the maintenance and operation of Simoprime devices for employees of the Kakhovka oil and gas plant “JSC Cargill”

12 Nov 2020

A training seminar on the maintenance and operation of Simoprime devices was conducted by S-Engineering specialists for the employees of the Kakhovka oil extraction plant “JSC Cargill” **.

The S-Engineering company is the only license holder in Ukraine for the production of Simoprime medium voltage switchgear using Siemens technology.

Let us remind you that recently our specialists have completed a set of works to modernize the power supply system of several food industry enterprises in the Kherson region. These are the Kakhovsky oil extraction plant “JSC Cargill” **, the plant for the production of sunflower oil “Chumak”, the cannery “Chumak”, the enterprise “Helios”.

For the modernization of the 35/ 10kV transformer substation, which supplies power to these enterprises, Simoprime devices were produced. Due to the significant production capacity, technical base, and qualifications of the specialists of the S-Engineering plant, Simoprime switchgear is manufactured with a maximum depth of production. All international requirements for the production of metal structures and the manufacture of these devices are observed. The quality assurance system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

The Simoprime switchgear protection system was integrated into the overall relay protection system of the transformer substation. In addition, S-Engineering specialists have developed and implemented a dispatching system that allows you to remotely control the operation of the power supply system of these enterprises.

** The processing capacity of the Kakhovsky oil extraction plant “JSC Cargill” is more than 500 thousand tons of sunflower seeds per year (1.4 thousand tons per day).