Energy - 1
Energy - 2
For many years, S-Engineering has been successfully implementing projects at thermal power plants, diesel power plants, trunk interstate networks, enterprises with renewable energy sources, and 35-750kV substations. At energy facilities, our design solutions provide high-quality and uninterrupted power supply, save resources for generating electricity, exclude the influence of the human factor and ensure the safety of electrical installations.
Energy Solutions
Complete solutions for power supply and automation systems in the field of biomass cogeneration plants up to 25 MW.
Energy - 3
  • Equipment for providing RZiA, own needs at substations of any voltage class.
  • Complex projects for the development and implementation of dispatching and accounting systems for energy resources.

Energy - 4
Turnkey solutions for substations up to 35 kV based on our own 6-10 kV switchgear and low voltage switchgear.
Energy - 5
Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of modular transformer substations with voltage up to 35 kV based on BMZ (block-modular building).
Energy - 6
Integrated solutions for power supply and dispatching systems for solar power plants of any capacity based on central inverter stations.
Energy - 7
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