Heavy Industry
Heavy Industry - 1
Heavy Industry - 2
Heavy Industry - 3
For industrial enterprises, we implement energy-efficient solutions that allow us to build an optimal power supply system, an automation system for technological processes using control and safety algorithms.
  • modernization of automated process control systems for methodical and roller furnaces;
  • control systems for turbogenerators of boiler shops;
  • modernization of thyristor converters of rolling shops;
  • oxygen block regenerator control system;
  • process control systems for hardening machines.

Heavy Industry - 4
  • power supply and automation of circulating water cooling towers;
  • automated process control system and power supply for sewerage and sludge pumping stations;
  • automation of the electric drive of the conveyor lines of the processing plant;
  • power supply and control system of the flotation finishing of the concentrate;
  • power supply to areas for receiving raw materials and shipping products;
  • reconstruction of transformer substations;
  • systems for accounting for the storage and shipment of fuel at fuel and lubricant depots, gas stations.

Heavy Industry - 5