Start of Cooperation Between S-Engineering and the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Start of Cooperation Between S-Engineering and the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

02 May 2019

A meeting of the delegation of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Ukraine), led by Chairman of the Board Alexander Markus, with representatives of S-Engineering LLC, led by Chairman of the Board Batyr Annayev, took place on April 19 in Odesa at the S-Engineering plant.

During the meeting, the parties identified the main vectors of future cooperation:

1) The participation of S-Engineering as the leading Ukrainian manufacturer and integrator of turn key engineering solutions in the implementation of the AHK Ukraine mission and the joint organization of events for representatives of German and Ukrainian business;

2) Cooperation about informing the German and European markets about innovative engineering solutions of Ukrainian manufacturers, as well as about high-tech Ukrainian solutions in the field of energy supply and automation.

The meeting participants noted the favorable opportunities of the European market for high-tech solutions and products of Ukrainian origin. Taking into account the dynamics of development of Ukrainian-European export, the German-Ukrainian Chamber strengthened its presence in the south of Ukraine and opened its representative office in Odesa, in Hub Odesa (Regional Initiative AHK Ukraine), which is headed by Felix Wilhelm and Michael Löfler. The meeting participants discussed possible joint projects in Odesa.

Representatives of the German business once again, stressed the uniqueness of S-Engineering company as a Ukrainian manufacturer of power supply systems, automation systems, as well as electrical equipment with German quality standards. As known, S-Engineering has been producing and implementing automation and power supply systems in various industrial sectors in Ukraine and abroad for over 12 years, and has been long a close partner of the world-famous German brand Siemens, including automation systems, produces in Ukraine the equipment based on several Siemens technologies, and earlier this year it formed a partnership with AEG Power Solutions GmbH for the production of inverters using the AEG technology in Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian manufacturer is simply obliged to declare themselves and take an active part in specialized events, conferences and exhibitions that are held in Germany,” said Alexander Marcus, Chairman of the Board of the German-Ukrainian Chamber.

“We are facing German production,” said Mykhaylo Pozharsky, head of the export support department of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, during an excursion around the workshops of S-Engineering.

“Our products and engineering solutions fully comply with the requirements of the German market. A special feature of S-Engineering is an innovative approach to the development of industrial automation solutions and software. When creating our projects, we use both the technologies of leading German manufacturers and our innovative and patented S-Engineering algorithms that provide energy saving and increase in productivity. We are the flagships of the industrial automation and energy supply market, and we intend to confirm the successful reputation of the Ukrainian engineering and technology business in Europe, ”said Batyr Annayev, Chairman of the Board of S-Engineering, announcing his plans.

Combining the efforts of AHK Ukraine and the leading representatives of the Ukrainian business in the mission of broad coverage of the achievements of Ukrainian production and engineering solutions will help to improve the status of the Ukrainian manufacturer of engineering and technology business in Europe.