Successful and Operational transition of S-Engineering to remote work

25 Mar 2020

Telecommuting has recently become the most acceptable solution to the quarantine regime for most enterprises in Ukraine. Transferring employees’ workplaces from office to home without losing professional efficiency is one of the key tasks for businesses in the current circumstances. Right now, the durability of business processes that worked for years is being tested. At the same time, in order to continue to function, the company’s system must be flexible in the speed of making managerial decisions as well as in the ability of employees to quickly adapt to new terms. Of course, during unstable periods, the significance of the human factor increases in the operation of enterprises. However, along with that it is important to keep the professional level of the company. After all, quarantine measures are unprecedented, and how it is now necessary to act was impossible to foresee or describe in any protocol.

However, several factors helped S-Engineering quickly transfer employees who are not involved in the production, to a remote mode of operation. One of these factors is the successful experience of overcoming the crises of 2008 and 2014. The conclusions that we made before, helped us implement and establish certain business processes and work them out over the years. Besides, for many years S-Engineering has developed and operated a system for monitoring the remote work of its employees in outsourcing projects abroad. Online meetings and workgroup chats in several messengers were implemented for us to be on track and quickly resolve the coming issues. The company has also successfully implemented a cloud-based project management system in which employees form tasks for each other and report on their work. Whereas the heads of departments of S-Engineering control the workload of each specialist and the status of project implementation. There is also an established practice of interaction between company offices in several countries and various cities of Ukraine. The application of global digitalization trends in the activities of our company has played an important role in the current situation.

S-Engineering continues to operate under current circumstances. Employees are provided with all necessary means of protection and disinfection – daily, before starting work, they undergo temperature screening. The area of production capacity of S-Engineering allowed placing cabinets that are manufactured at a distance of more than two meters from each other. Thus, recommendations regarding the necessary distance of people under quarantine are being followed.