Super Power of S-people!

Super Power of S-people!

15 May 2019
Super Power of S-people! - 1

S-people are S-Engineering employees with incredible powers, super-powers! Each of them is a hero of our time. Only they hide it very carefully.

S-Engineering employees were to demonstrate their super abilities in a stubborn fight for the S-champions title of the spring corporate party of the company. While the whole country was working on Saturday, our superheroes also had no time for rest. “The Best of the Best Tournament” (we have only the best employees), “Champions Games”, “Battle of the Titans” – all these epithets only remotely describe the passions that raged all day on the picturesque Black Sea coast. To extinguish the emotions with heaven moisture clouds flew from all over the seaside, and in the end, the hot sun broke through the thunderclouds.

In a stubborn fight, the teams “Red Bull”, “Ze-team”, “Blue” and “Suns” showed unprecedented ingenuity, skills and erudition. During the brainstorming session, they even managed to send the company’s virtual specialists on Saturn, in full gear and with new product samples. Because progress is first of all!

In an unequal fight with two super- anchormans  Denis and Andrey, the S people completely overdanced these masters of legs, hands and language.

With a margin of two points, the “Blue” team pulled out the victory, using its most important superpower in final: to follow the call of the heart, despite extraneous assurances about the impossibility of something. Each of us is a super-man, you just have to believe it!