System for monitoring, collecting and analysing data on the operation of the marine terminal

21 Jul 2020

S-Engineering specialists developed and implemented a system for monitoring, collecting, and analysing the operation data of the Novotech Terminal marine terminal (Odessa). It is specific software to improve the existing SCADA system of all sections of the terminal. This author’s project of the S-Engineering programming team is based on SIMATIC Information Server, WinCC 7.3, and TIA Portal 15.1.

Such a centralized system performs the following functions:

– ensuring monitoring of equipment and all possible routes;

– metering of electricity consumption by equipment and on the itinerary as a whole;

– registration of operating hours of engine hours and overloaded tons of machinery and on the route;

– monitoring the actions of operators;

– accounting and analysis of statistics of equipment and routes.

Thus, thanks to the new system, operators can determine the energy efficiency of a particular route and choose the most optimal one for operation. And based on the data collected and clearly presented in the program, the terminal staff can make decisions on the scheduled maintenance. While establishing a system, the possibility of a qualitative and quantitative expansion of the terminal in the future was taken into account.

The S-Engineering company has been cooperating with Novotech Terminal since 2016 – our experts performed a range of works on automation and power supply of the marine terminal (capacity of 3 million tons per year).