Tests of switchgear OBERON for substation “Vinnitskaya” by order of LLC “Energosnabzhenie”

10 Aug 2021
Tests of switchgear OBERON for substation “Vinnitskaya” by order of LLC “Energosnabzhenie” - 1

As part of the project for the reconstruction of the 750 kV Vinnitskaya SS, S-Engineering manufactured and supplied complete 6 kV switchgears based on OBERON cells, by order of Energosnabzhenie LLC.

To confirm the quality and reliability of the OBERON series complete switchgears, tests were carried out in the scope of factory acceptance tests, in accordance with DSTU EN 62271-200: 2015 “High-voltage switchgear control devices. Part 200. Complete AC switchgears in a metal casing, designed for a rated voltage of over 1 kV and up to 52 kV inclusive (EN 62271-200: 2012, IDT) “. Each manufactured cubicle of OBERON switchgear is subjected to these tests.

Acceptance tests are carried out to identify the possible damage, production inconsistencies, systems and components that do not comply with design documentation, state standards, and technical specifications. The scope of acceptance tests includes the following tests:- testing of the dielectric

– strength of the insulation of the main circuits;

– testing of auxiliary and control circuits;

– measurement of the resistance of the main circuits;

– design checks and visual inspection;

– mechanical tests;

– testing of auxiliary electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic devices.

The tests were carried out by qualified specialists from the S-Engineering Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL), which is part of the company’s Quality Service together with the technical control department. The ETL measurement system is certified for compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 10012: 2005.