The modernization of switchboard equipment was completed at the terminal in Mykolaiv (Bunge Limited)

20 Apr 2022

The first stage of a comprehensive project for the modernization of switchboard equipment was completed by S-Engineering employees at the Greentour-Ex terminal in Mykolaiv (Bunge Limited). Surveys were carried out at the facility to collect up-to-date data and restore up-to-date documentation on APCS systems. The necessary cabinets were also upgraded to install and connect new bearing temperature sensors. This project was implemented in the Eplan environment (diagrams, 3D models of cabinets, etc.)

The necessary modernization and connection of 160 new temperature sensors to the terminal’s automated process control system will allow for additional monitoring of the state of technological equipment. The implementation of this project will allow the terminal staff to more efficiently and quickly solve current problems that arise during operation.

This complex project for Greentour Ex includes the following stages:

– design and development of design documentation;
– software development;
– production of new switchboard equipment;
– installation/dismantling works;
– modernization of existing cabinets;

*The production complex of the oil extraction plant and the Greentour-Ex terminal for reloading food products is located at berths No. 13 and 14 on the territory of the Mykolaiv Sea Port. S-Engineering began cooperation with Bunge Limited in 2015 with design work and continued with the supply of electrical equipment for building an automated control system for the steam power shop of this complex. Also, the specialists of our company have developed software and carried out commissioning work on the introduction of an automation system for the steam power shop. In addition, the implementation of S-Engineering SENUMAC technology at this terminal is at the final stage.