The story about the complex of works S-Engineering for the MEZ “Protein Invest” – on the national TV channel

10 Nov 2021
The story about the complex of works S-Engineering for the MEZ “Protein Invest” – on the national TV channel - 1

The story about the S-Engineering work package for the Protein Invest Oil and Gas Plant was broadcast on the national TV channel Channel 24. Employees of our company and a TV channel journalist talk about the features of the project, as well as the challenges and tasks that S-Engineering faced.

Also on the website of our long-term partner Siemens Ukraine there is a film about the implementation of the full cycle of work by S-Engineering at the Protein Invest oil extraction plant. To watch the film and read the detailed description of the project, please follow the link:

Thanks to the complex automation of the Protein Invest Oil and Gas Plant, the enterprise employs fewer personnel per 1 ton of manufactured products than other companies. According to the specialists of the plant, the cost of processing is much lower than the average for the country today. And productivity, on the contrary, is higher than in some European countries.
“The challenge for S-Egineering is not just to implement all stages of the production process, but through the introduction of modern and customized automation solutions to reduce costs, downtime, improve product quality and speed of its receipt, ensure transparency of all production processes and minimize the impact of the human factor” , – said Artem Sorokin, Director of the S-Engineering Design Department.
To manage such a complex technological facility, our company developed and implemented from scratch a solution for dispatching control of all automated process control systems of the enterprise with a redundant data storage and processing center. The standard SCADA system was turned into a customized product of S-Engineering – “SCADA plus”. “This is the only platform that coordinates, analyzes, optimizes the production process and provides communication with local control systems of all sections of the plant. When data is received, the system independently compares them with the set values ​​and, in case of deviation, notifies the engineering staff, allowing them to take the necessary measures,” said the Chief S-Engineering engineer Igor Krasilya.