The use of dry-type transformers Siemens AG Geafol to meet the requirements of international environmental standards

06 Nov 2020

Following international standards in its activities, S-Engineering also complies with environmental requirements, which are part of the world and European quality standards.

So, when S-Engineering develops and implements power supply systems at new construction sites or modernizes enterprises of the Soviet era, one of the elements of such systems is the Geafol dry-type transformers manufactured by Siemens AG. These transformers comply with Ecodesign – the European Economic Area (EEA) Directive for environmental standards.

Recently, our specialists have modernized the transformer substation of the Mondelis Ukraine enterprise – one of the largest confectionery enterprises in Ukraine. The old oil transformers were replaced with new dry-type transformers Siemens AG Geafol. The total capacity of the six new transformers that make up the transformer substation is 6000 kVA. The substation supplies power to the main production building, as well as the administrative building Mondelez Ukraine.

At Poltava GOK, with which we have a long-term partnership, our specialists also installed new dry-type transformers Siemens AG Geafol during the reconstruction of transformer substations of the heat-power department. At the same time, the bulk of the work was carried out in the conditions of existing production with a minimum time for putting new equipment into operation. Poltava GOK is one of the largest operating plants in the mining industry in Ukraine and a leading global manufacturer and exporter of iron ore pellets.

During the technical re-equipment of the 330kV Novokievskaya substation by order of the Soyuz corporation for the State Enterprise NEC Ukrenergo, S-Engineering employees developed, manufactured, and delivered a complete transformer substation (KTP) for auxiliary needs 38.5 / 0.4 kV with a capacity of 630 kVA. The KTP has a Siemens Geafol dry transformer, a Siemens 8DA gas-insulated switchgear, and a Siemens Sivacon switchgear.