Modernization of automation and power supply systems of Ferrexpo Poltava Mining

Modernization of automation and power supply systems of Ferrexpo Poltava Mining

05 Jun 2020
Modernization of automation and power supply systems of Ferrexpo Poltava Mining - 1

S-Engineering has a long partnership with Ferrexpo Poltava Mining*, which is one of the largest operating plants in the Ukrainian mining industry and a leading global manufacturer and exporter of iron ore pellets.

At a different period of time during the entire period of cooperation, our company carried out various types of work: from designing the reconstruction of individual sections to performing turnkey works during the construction of various facilities of the plant. Now at the final stage is a project to modernize two transformer substations of the heat-power workshop. It is also planned to carry out the modernization of the transformer substation of the mining equipment repair workshop, for which design work was performed by our company in 2019.

S-Engineering specialists carried out design work using equipment using Siemens SIVACON S8 technology. This technology has been successfully localized in S-Engineering’s own production facility and allows the production of low-voltage switchgear in accordance with international standards and in compliance with European quality standards. Outdated oil transformers have been replaced by new dry transformers of the Geafol series manufactured by Siemens AG, which comply with Eco-design – the European Economic Area Directive (EEA) on environmental standards. The peculiarity of carrying out work at such industrial enterprises is that the bulk of the work is carried out in the conditions of existing production with a minimum time for commissioning new equipment.

Such modernization will allow the company to reduce energy costs, reduce the number of emergencies, and increase labor safety.

It is possible to reduce enterprise costs by improving the processes of enterprise automation. For Ferrexpo Poltava Mining S-Engineering also carried out modernization of automation systems. Often at such enterprises, existing documentation describing production processes requires refinement and updating. So, it was at this factory. S-Engineering specialists not only restored documentation on the control algorithm on the site of the pulp and pump station (PNS) of the Ferrexpo Poltava Mining but also improved this algorithm at the program level.

During the modernization of cooling tower automation systems, a control and monitoring system for this section was developed and implemented. Automatic collection and analysis of various parameters of the cooling tower increase the efficiency and quality of the water-cooling process. In addition, S-Engineering specialists proposed and implemented a design of a cooling tower control system with a human-machine interface. This is the operator’s workplace with a touch-control panel. The tower management system was integrated into the overall enterprise management system.

At the site of the crushing factory (small and medium crushing workshop), S-Engineering employees proposed a unified telemetry system project. On the video wall measuring about 4m x 1.5m, the data of the entire technological process of this production site will be received. Thus, the dispatch system will be modernized through the implementation of the ring principle of data collection.

* Ferrexpo Poltava Mining – ( is a manufacturer and exporter of iron ore pellets used in ferrous metallurgy and steel production. Located in the Poltava region, put into operation since 1970. The company employs about 8,000 people. S-Engineering has been cooperating with Ferrexpo Poltava Mining since 2013.