Reequipment of “UKRELEVATORPROM“ Elevator Complex

09 Dec 2019

Specialists of “S-Engineering” Company completed a package of work concerning the technical reequipment of transforming substation of PJSC “Ukrelevatorprom” elevator complex.

These works were performed for the purpose of reliability and safety improvement of electric power supply system. According to the substation modernization project in order to reduce fire hazard of the area we have replaced power oil transformers with dry transformers with molded insulation and replaced old 0.4 kV switchgear with the modern one. Moreover, under the project we implemented transformer winding temperature remote control and transformer compartment venting control. Electric room equipment was designed taking into consideration the connection of this substation to the enterprise dispatch system, allowing to control remotely power transformer condition, as well as incoming circuit breakers and switched busbar circuit-breakers.

“For this project SelaM low voltage electrical switchboards were manufactured and delivered by “S-Engineering”. Cabinets with unusual size were manufactured taking into consideration determined area of premises. Equipment modular construction allowed to adapt to the customer requirements”, says the Project Chief Engineer of “S-Engineering”.

Timely replacement of equipment and implementation of automatic standby activation system for 0.4 kV switchgear electric power supply guarantee the reliable work of electric power supply system and influence in a positive way the enterprise efficiency as a whole. New equipment  procures work of elevator of grain silo storage, as well as the functioning of administrative and service building.

“Ukrelevatorprom” is one of the biggest elevators, working in the territory of Odessa Sea Port. One-time storage capacity is over 160 thous. tons. “Ukrelevatorprom” is included into “ADM Trading Ukraine” – a subsidiary of the international Archer Daniels Midland Company agro-industrial corporation, which main activity is production of sunflower oil and sale of grain crops.