New Records of Risoil S.A. terminal and relevance of S-Engineering

07 Apr 2020

One of the most major customers is a company Risoil S.A. that set a new record for daily transshipment of products.

S-Engineering is directly linked to the success of the Risoil S.A. Company. Our company’s specialists completed the installation of the second elevator hopper scales and implemented software, integrating the scales into the general system of the automatic enterprise. The shipping system was modernized, and it became possible to load ships simultaneously on two independent routes.

Since 2015 S-Engineering is being participated in the implementation of projects of the terminal complex. Our specialists performed a set of works and power supply of the next stages of Risoil S.A. development:

–    Two stages of the construction of a silo grain storage park – storage capacity of which  reached 250 thousand tones;

–    Marine transport gallery that allows increasing the shipment of products by 100 tons per hour;

–    Two stages of bunked scales;

–    Two stages of the unloading of railway and motor vehicles.

The current success of the Risoil S.A. is the competent control and management of all stages of project implementation: from the activities of contracting organizations and equipment suppliers to controlling the timing of work. Congratulations to our partners and we wish you further development of the projects’ development!