S-Engineering Manufactured And Delivered Equipment For Paper Factory in Czech Republic

15 Nov 2019

Switchboard equipment for paper-making machine for factory in the Czech Republic was produced on the basis of S-Engineering production facilities. The equipment was assembled using SIVACON S8 technology by  SIEMENS AG. Due to the application of this technology the customer received the system occupying the space much lesser than the similar one  by designation.

“Technology and solutions used by S-Engineering allow finding an individual approach to the solution of a problem of every customer, says the Project Chief Engineer from S-Engineering. In this case, for example, we took into consideration wishes of the customer as to the proposed installation, connection and configuration of switchboard equipment”.

We produced switchboards for this project, where we have implemented the solutions as follows:

– two-side access with one busbar;

– application of draw-out units in combination with compartments of loose placement;

– irregular connection to the existing busbar.

These solutions provide high circuit density, that increases the reliability of equipment and makes it more convenient for maintenance.

S-Engineering is a Technology Partner of SIEMENS AG in SIVACON technology. Our company is the first and  the only one in Ukraine who received the license to the production of withdrawable motor control center (an option with small modules 1/2, 1/4).

At the same time, when using SIEMENS AG German technologies, the production facilities of S-Engineering is localized in Ukraine and generates added value in our country.

Besides Ukraine, the geography of the implemented projects and equipment supplied by S-Engineering includes such countries as Germany, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, UAE, Spain, Poland and Bulgaria.