Siemens Ukraine Branded S-Engineering the Best Systems Integrator

Siemens Ukraine Branded S-Engineering the Best Systems Integrator

28 Feb 2020
Siemens Ukraine Branded S-Engineering the Best Systems Integrator - 1

Improvised digital twin was a co-presenter of one of the contributors at the conference by Siemens Ukraine, held in Kyiv on the 28th of February. However, such an “assistant-twin” in the response to the question “What may lie ahead?” at the end of contribution has danced and invited everybody to dinner.

Theme of the national conference visited by over 300 partners of Siemens Ukraine was: “Thinking Industry, Infrastructure and Energy further”. Innovations in the sphere of industrial automation and energy, thinking infrastructure and feats of engineering were discussed. Teaching process of digital twin was demonstrated, the official presentation of a new company Siemens Energy was carried out.

Marina Masley, Head of Communication Department of Siemens Ukraine, introducing the contributor from S-Engineering, emphasized that S-Engineering was the first and the only one licensee of Siemens Ukraine as a Technology Partner. “S-Engineering is not just engaged in the automation of technological processes, construction of energy and industrial projects on a turnkey basis, but also it is a Company, which contributes to the society development: business to society. This is a Company, which invests funds in opening of training centres on the basis of universities”, noted Marina Masley.

Director of the Design Department of S-engineering Artem Sorokin made the report “Trends of Industrial Automation when Constructing Oil Extraction Plants. Business Process Management and Determination of Process Efficiency in the Integrated Space”. He told about SCADA Plus product by S-Engineering for “Protein Invest” Oil Extraction Plant engaged in soya processing. Scada Plus is a system of upper level on the basis of Siemens WinCC v.7.4, having a number of advanced functions and capabilities in comparison with usual automatic process control system. SCADA Plus system unites all production areas and creates a single platform, ensuring centralized monitoring and management of an enterprise. We will provide more detailed information on the project and its peculiarities in the nearest time.

At Siemens Ukraine Conference S-Engineering was awarded “The Best Systems Integrator” title.