The complex works for the project of the Geberit group of companies

10 Jun 2022
The complex works for the project of the Geberit group of companies - 1
S-Engineering specialists completed the design work and preparation of design documentation for the project of the Geberit* group of companies.

Works are carried out on the following systems: electricity metering, gas metering, and water metering. Also, work is in progress on dispatching systems for accounting systems and existing enterprise systems on the same SCADA system (storing information on the server and displaying information at operator workplaces). Right now, our specialists are developing software and coordinating the visualization screens.

To implement the electricity metering system, the latest SEM3 technology from SIEMENS will be applied as well as appropriate controllers, metering modules and current transformers. Physical server for collecting information will not be used (a separately installed server in its own cabinet, as a common solution), but instead, we will use the server based on the VMWare virtualization system. For laying the optical cable, it is planned to use a specialized machine for blowing the optical cable.

Also, the scope of work on this project includes the stages of development and manufacture of switchboard equipment at the S-Engineering production site; installation of switchboard equipment and instrumentation equipment at the customer’s production sites; and installation of tray and cable products, laboratory testing and commissioning.

*Geberit group of companies (, operating worldwide, is the European market leader in the field of ceramic products for bathrooms and sanitary ware.