The final stage of complex work for the Danube Oil plant

02 Apr 2022
The final stage of complex work for the Danube Oil plant - 1
At the Oil Mill Plant of Danube Oil (Moldova, the port of Giurgiulesti), S-Engineering specialists have begun the final stage of installation and commissioning of automation and power supply systems. Danube Oil (part of the Trans Oil Group holding) is a complex for processing sunflower seeds with a capacity of 700 tons/day.
S-Engineering performs a set of works for this plant:
– design work;
– supply of switchboard equipment;
– electric installation;
– commissioning works;
– software development;
– laboratory measurements and tests.
Equipment was developed and manufactured according to the SIVACON S8 technology – 62 MCC (Motor Control Center) power control panels of free design and with stationary devices (installations). Also 3VA series circuit breakers in a moulded case were used with the ability to perform electricity metering based on electronic releases, to supply power to the main areas and to ensure production facilities .
The equipment designed and manufactured by S-Engineering is installed in the following areas: boiler manufactory, rudder-and-rolling department and auto-receiving section of the oil press manufactory, husk granulation section, oilcake storage section, oil storage section, seed storage silos section.
Our equipment performs the functions of process control in local, remote, manual and automatic modes. In addition, it ensures the safe conduct of the technological process, allows the customer to choose a route to complete the tasks, keeps records of energy resources (electricity) of all sections of the plant.
Also, this equipment performs the functions of exchanging information with third-party systems (pressing department of the oil press manufactory, oilcake granulation, husk granulation) to organize a common data storage on the server and interlock between systems for non-stop process.
All this will help the customer to reduce energy costs and labor costs for maintenance personnel.
As a reminder, S-Engineering has been cooperating with the Trans Oil Group holding since 2017. Our cooperation with the FLOAREA SOARELUI SA oil extraction plant, which is also part of the Trans Oil Group holding, continues. The productivity of FLOAREA SOARELUI SA has increased one and a half times over the four years of cooperation with S-Engineering. Such an increase in productivity occurred, among other things, due to the fact that our specialists implemented a set of works on the power supply and automation of the enterprise. A project for the construction of intermediate storage of silo-type meal is in the process of implementation. Preparatory work is also underway to modernize the concrete meal elevator and modernize the control system of the oil press manufactory.