The S-Engineering company has implemented the Wrike automated online project management program

The S-Engineering company has implemented the Wrike automated online project management program

29 May 2020
The S-Engineering company has implemented the Wrike automated online project management program - 1

The S-Engineering company has successfully implemented the Wrike automated online project management program. This has become a new and improved approach to project management. All S-Engineering production departments now operate through Wrike.

At a certain stage in the development of the company, one of the strategic goals facing the management was the optimization of the administrative resource. The company has more than 180 employees. S-Engineering implements complex projects that consist of a significant number of production processes and multi-level tasks. The main activity of the company is a design business. That is why the team is constantly improving the management system and introducing new techniques and approaches.

Before implementing the Wrike collaboration system, the team used several tools: Microsoft Project, e-mail, Google Drive, Excel spreadsheets with macros in 1C. To find out the status and progress of the projects, frequent meetings were held between departments and within units. Now the company has practically no scheduled meetings, rather than off-line there are rare operational meetings if necessary.

The crucial factor in deciding in favour of Wrike was the test access to the system, which made it possible in practice to see and analyse all the features of the project management platform. An important aspect was the quality service support and prompt answers of managers to any questions.

For the S-Engineering team, Wrike became a tool to prevent bottlenecks in projects. The system helps to make operational decisions in advance to prevent problems or delays in the timing of projects. The Wrike platform is designed to prevent a “disease” and not “treat” it after. This is an effective tool for analysing the progress of a project.

In S-Engineering, a unified system of enterprise standards has been created, and there is a special Regulation. We port these solutions and algorithms to Wrike.

The transition to the project management system and the establishment of business processes in the system is a long and thorough process, therefore, the company has developed a special motivation program for employees, based on which Wrike was introduced and is being implemented.

“Wrike is not an automatic system, but an automated one. It is important that all data is entered manually. For example, our factory installers and electricians who work at sites receive a daily assignment every morning through the Wrike mobile app. And at the end of the day, the employee confirms whether he managed to complete the plan. If this process does not occur regularly, then the information in the system becomes irrelevant,” says Artyom Sorokin, Director of Design at S-Engineering.

Now all production departments of S-Engineering are working in Wrike – for the team, it has become a tool for achieving goals and managing the company’s business processes.

“At this stage, 80% of Wrike was implemented in S-Engineering, and we do not use all the functionality of the system yet. Therefore, it is too early to talk how much we have become more efficient in numbers. But unambiguously with Wrike, we have accelerated the process of coordination of processes within projects, and also reduced the period of transition from one stage of work to another. We have systematized the tasks, monitoring their implementation and improved the electronic document management process,” says Ivan Kiryazov, CEO of S-Engineering.

Now, when creating a new project, the head has certain templates that form tasks from the algorithms of each unit. The team has already standardized all standard projects and tasks. Thus, the manager creates the structure of a new project in 10 minutes using the request form and all departments and departments receive basic tasks. Of course, it is impossible to plan everything completely, and in the process, the manager makes additional changes.

A manager of any level can also individually configure Wrike to monitor the status of employees’ tasks. The tool makes it possible to control both the human resource and the progress of tasks.

As for the accounting and financial accounting of logistics processes, they are conducted in the company in the ERP system. Using the API, the team integrated Wrike with ERP – this makes it possible to transfer information about the actual hours spent on a task, to ultimately calculate the cost of the project. ERP reports to Wrike on project delivery dates for the equipment so that a production plan can be built. Also, in the plans is integration with the Business Intelligence System, in which the strategic planning of the S-Engineering enterprise is taking place. In the future, the team plans to integrate Wrike with instant messengers to improve corporate communications.

S-Engineering has long-established business processes – the transition of some employees to remote work due to quarantine did not affect the performance and quality of tasks, including due to the capabilities of the service. A tool like Wrike Resource enables accurate and in-depth planning, while Reports, Gantt Chart, Calendar, Workload, and Task Bar help employees maintain high levels of productivity.

With the introduction of Wrike, the mentality of employees has changed. Wrike instils in people a new culture of project management in the organization, transforms people’s thinking from the previous managerial model to the digitalization of processes.

*Among the clients of the Wrike service are more than 20,000 companies worldwide and more than 2 million users. The main office of the company is located in San Jose, CA