S-Engineering Company a Member of АНК Ukraine Working Group Regarding IT Issues And Cybercrime Defences

05 Nov 2019

An employee of S-Engineering Company became a Deputy Head of Working Team regarding IT issues and cybercrime defences of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Ukraine). Since one of the directions of activities of our Company is software development and designing data communication systems of computer-aided manufacturing taking into consideration international standards on cybercrime defence and failure tolerance.

Among the themes, the members are going to discuss in this Working Team, there will be data sharing security and modern information technology, as well as organizational assets protection, recommendations on the best possible software license acquisition etc.

In addition, it is worth reminding that our Company has been a member of АНК Ukraine for several years and take part in the meeting of various committees of the Chamber. S-Engineering is an example of long-time partnership relations between German and Ukraine. We are the partner of SIEMENS AG, as well as AEG PS Company. The Working Team regarding IT issues and cybercrime defences of АНК Ukraine will work on a permanent basis. The results of its work will be interesting for TOP-teams and heads of operating units.