Visit of the governor of the Odessa region and the mayor of Odessa to the S-Engineering plant

Visit of the governor of the Odessa region and the mayor of Odessa to the S-Engineering plant

09 Apr 2021
Visit of the governor of the Odessa region and the mayor of Odessa to the S-Engineering plant - 1

Today, S-Engineering was visited by the Governor of the Odessa Region Sergey Grinevetsky and the Odessa Mayor Gennady Trukhanov. During the visit, the founder and Chairman of the Board of S-Engineering, Batyr Annaev, told the guests about the main achievements of the company in the field of industrial automation systems and power supply for enterprises, about the projects implemented by S-Engineering in Ukraine, the EU, the CIS and the MENA region.

Batyr Annaiev conducted a tour of the production complex and showed, among other things, the switchboard equipment workshop, the metal processing workshop, the busbar production workshop, the testing laboratory and other production sites.

Also at the meeting, ideas were proposed to address topical issues in Odessa and the Odessa region. In particular, solutions for control systems and power supply of pipeline transport are presented. Issues of developing the infrastructure of urban power networks to provide power to high-speed filling stations were discussed. In addition, a model of a system for remote monitoring and control of outdoor lighting was proposed.

“Odessa region, like no one is suffering in the dry. Therefore, modern technologies and energy-saving technologies are one of the priorities, which today we are working on in the development of the system of the Lower Dniester zroshuvannya and plumbing of the Bolgrad and Tatarbunary districts. Today we have been caught up in order to marvel at the possibility of a country’s winemaker, which is the moment to give serious propositions about the economical choice of budgetary funds, in the promotion of modern technologies, and to continue to develop the gross regional regional governor of the city,” said the Serov Regional Governor of the Republic of Georgia

The mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, noted that “it is interesting to cooperate with S-Engineering on the modernization of traction substations for municipal electric transport and the organization of fast electric refueling, which is relevant today. Firstly, we will be able to ensure the development of urban transport in this way, and secondly, we want to switch to environmentally friendly transport in the city center in the near future. But it is necessary to prepare the basis for this. Such decisions fit into the transport strategy of the city, which was adopted at the session of the City Council.”

“With extensive experience in pipeline transport projects and experience in a similar wastewater treatment project, I hope we can contribute to such a relevant project as irrigation in our region. The same applies to the modernization of the electric transport infrastructure. Taking into account that the S-Engineering business model assumes the maximum localization of added value in Ukraine, this will provide additional jobs and taxes to the local budget,” said Batyr Annaiev.