We continue to work even in difficult wartime conditions

29 Mar 2022
We continue to work even in difficult wartime conditions - 1

Thanks to the vast geography of projects implemented by S-Engineering, our company continues to work even in such difficult wartime conditions. With our activities, we support the call of the government of Ukraine to keep economic activity. We understand that our help in the form of a working enterprise is important for our country.

The implementation of our export projects in several countries did not stop even for a day.

And in Ukraine, in those regions and facilities where there are no active hostilities, we have already resumed our activities.

The well-established business processes of S-Engineering, a competent project financing system and clear planning of needs in wartime conditions allow us to continue to occupy a stable position in the market. Our experience of overcoming the crises of 2008, 2014 and 2020 gives us confidence in the worthy passage of the current difficult test of the war.

In addition, as we have already said, our employees continue to help the defence forces, volunteers, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine with materials, equipment, and the manufacture of special products.

We believe in our Ukraine!

Victory is near!