Women's business

Women’s business

07 Mar 2019
Women’s business - 1

Engineering and electrical installation are traditionally considered men’s professions. However, the manufacturer of “C-Engineering” skillfully destroys these stereotypes, rudely moving towards the goal in the chosen profession.

On the eve of March 8, we have prepared for you some inspiring stories of our colleagues.

Ludmila, electrician:

“There were no electricians in my family, I was the first. But we met our future husband while studying together, now we work together in “C-Engineering”.

At work, I like the installation process itself, I like to read diagrams and do something with my own hands. I feel good in the men’s team. In general, I studied for 8 years among the boys, so I’m used to it, I like working in such a team. ”

Alexandra, electrical equipment marker:

“Before I got this job, I didn’t know what a profession it was, a marker. But when I came to work, I got involved, I liked it. And by education I am a radio technician. Electricity is not exactly my specialty, but they go hand in hand. The work gave me an engineering and technical opinion, understanding of production processes.

Assembling switchboard equipment is a very responsible job, I still need to learn, and then you can think about career growth. In general, I have a diploma in six months. Male colleagues will always explain everything and give all the answers. Even if you need to repeat it several times, they will.

Lubov, electrician:

“I have a lot of experience and I love it. And I once started as a storekeeper in a company that manufactured switchboard equipment. Then she learned to read diagrams, mastered all the intricacies of installation. What I like most is the result of the work: the finished product is very beautiful! Neatly stacked wires look like lace. The result of the work is very inspiring: what we did with our own hands, then illuminates houses, apartments, factories are launched. I often thought about it, and it attracted me even more in my profession. ”

Natalia, design engineer:

When I was choosing which university to enter, I wanted to get a technical education, although I did not understand what it was. I graduated from the Food Academy, Faculty of Automation, and decided that I wanted to work in my specialty. At our department everyone knows “S-Engineering”, there is a computer room “S-Engineering”, where classes were held. While still a student, I worked in a laboratory at the academy, and it was this laboratory that instilled in me an interest in this profession. We developed this laboratory ourselves, now it has a lot of machines and other equipment related to automation, hydraulics, everything can be touched, twisted and find out what it is. But teaching is not mine, I prefer applied work, as in “S-Engineering”.

Now I design a metal structure to replace the motor, preparing documentation for the manufacture of parts in the shop. I used to deal with fire alarms, correct executive documentation. ”

Alexandra, Head of Technical Control Department:

“When entering the university, I was interested in the name of the faculty. The topic of energy-saving technologies is close to me. However, later I became interested in electricity and changed the faculty. After the third year I came to practice in “C-Engineering”, and I have been working here for seven years. I started as an electrician, grew up, and now I am the head of VTK.

I have always enjoyed working and studying in a men’s team, I have a very favorable environment for work.

In my position, I have not yet realized everything, there is room for growth. The position is comprehensive, you can study the work from different angles and in different directions.