Commissioning works
Commissioning works - 1
Commissioning works - 2
S-Engineering provides a range of commissioning and commissioning of technological equipment, electrical devices and automated control systems. Commissioning works (CW) are the final stage of installation works at the facility. S-Engineering specialists and the company as a whole are authorized and authorized to carry out all types of related work, including commissioning.
The commissioning department of S-Engineering performs the following types of work:

testing through an electrical laboratory (testing and measuring electrical equipment up to and above 1000V);

  • performance of commissioning works of automation systems of technological processes in various industries;
  • commissioning of power supply systems up to and above 1000V, DC and AC electric drive systems;
  • works on technical and service maintenance of automation and power supply systems;
  • performance of works on stabilization of technological regimes and equipment with access to the quality indicators of finished products;
  • comprehensive testing of technological lines of manufacturing enterprises;
  • commissioning of integrated automation and dispatching systems for administrative, shopping and entertainment and residential complexes.
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