Infrastructure - 1
Infrastructure - 2
S-Engineering’s many years of experience in the implementation of infrastructure projects allows us to meet the main criteria for the quality and efficiency of infrastructure facilities:

  • full automation;
  • autonomous power supply;
  • uninterrupted work;
  • safety and comfort.

  • automation and control systems for electric drive of railway transport unloading stations;
  • modernization of the control system of bunker scales;
  • integration of railway traction substations into the dispatching SCADA system;
  • delivery and reconstruction of KTS “turnkey”;
  • production and modernization of switchgears 0.4 kV, 10 kV;
  • power supply, lighting, lightning protection and grounding for infrastructure facilities;
  • guaranteed power supply systems, data center power supply;
  • systems of backup and information protection of process control systems;
  • structured cabling systems.

Infrastructure - 3