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As part of the introduction of new technologies in the field of business management, S-Engineering widely uses the practice of outsourcing, which is widespread in the world – the transfer of a part of the functions performed or even entire individual business processes to a third-party company.

This allows the customer to concentrate on the strategic and core functions of the enterprise, reduce costs and adaptability to new technologies, increase the reliability and fault tolerance of processes performed by the outsourcer.

S-Engineering Outsourcing Services
We take over in full:
  • responsibility for trouble-free operation of systems;
  • responsibility for ensuring safety measures during the operation of electrical installations;
  • organization of operational dispatch control, maintenance and current repair of electrical
  • equipment and systems, development and maintenance of operational and operational documentation;
  • issues of interaction with supervisory authorities on the organization of the safe operation of electrical equipment and systems;
  • fulfillment of labor protection requirements, personnel training, provision of tools and consumables.
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S-Engineering provides a full range of outsourcing services in the field of:
  • automation systems for technological processes in various industries;
  • systems of complex automation and dispatching of administrative, shopping and entertainment and residential complexes;
  • power supply systems up to and above 1000V;
  • electric drive systems of direct and alternating current;
  • fire protection systems, technical safety and information systems;
  • adjustment or development of project documentation and introduction of all changes during the operation of systems.
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All work is carried out by certified specialists who have many years of experience.

Thanks to an integrated approach, professional and well-coordinated work of our specialists, customers get the maximum effect from outsourcing.

Depending on the functions transferred to our company, the result of the activities of our customers can be:

  • optimal use of labor resources;
  • a significant reduction in the fixed costs of the enterprise;
  • reduction of investment risks;
  • minimizing the influence of the human factor;
  • reduction of production time, and much more.
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