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Medium voltage switchgears OBERON are intended for reception and distribution of electric energy
Technology OBERON - 1
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SelaM LV switcboards are the product line of modern, reliable and functional low voltage switchboards
Technology SELAM - 2
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SENUMAC® is the patented S-Engineering modern complex control system for loading the conveyor belt with innovative optimization and guaranteed control technologies.
Technology SENUMAC - 3
A unique technology for measuring the volume, profile and mass of grain in silos at grain terminals and grain storage facilities equipped with vertical metal silos for grain storage
Technology SENUVOL - 4
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Typical low voltage switchgear with rear tire bar arrangement. Modular technology that can be optimally adapted to any requirement.
Technology SIVACON_S8 - 5
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Average-voltage distributing units with air and vacuum power switches for the maximum operating load up to 17,5 kW.
Technology SIMOPRIME - 6
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