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S-Engineering, along with the implementation of complex projects of any complexity, provides services for the maintenance and repair of equipment and systems at the customer’s enterprises. S-Engineering specialists have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and technical means, which allows them to perform these works at the proper professional level, taking into account the specifics, goals and needs of the customer’s enterprise.

S-Engineering Services

S-Engineering pays great attention to the development of the service for maintenance and service of automation systems, power supply, technical security systems, fire protection of information systems.

Service maintenance can be according to the regulations, unscheduled, as well as upon the fact of any event (breakdown, equipment failure). The implementation of service support by the specialists of our company is possible both for equipment purchased from S-Engineering, and for customer equipment purchased from other leading world manufacturers.

The presence of our own electrical laboratory, a large warehouse of spare parts, and most importantly, the presence of highly qualified specialists in the staff of our company, allow us to prevent or eliminate problems of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

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As part of the after-sales service, S‑Engineering performs the following work:
  • detailed analysis of the technical condition of the equipment;
  • software support after commissioning;
  • carrying out a complex of works by an electrical laboratory;
  • performance of the whole complex of routine works;
  • trouble-shooting;
  • preventive work;
  • consultations.

S-Engineering has all the necessary permits and certificates to carry out these types of work. Qualified after-sales service will allow not only to identify possible shortcomings in the operation of the equipment, but also ensure its guaranteed operation.

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Benefits from S-Engineering Service Support:
  • guaranteed high level of service;
  • optimization and the possibility of planning the costs of maintenance and repair;
  • minimization of business risks by reducing downtime and preventing possible accidents;
  • transfer of responsibility for maintenance;
  • application of advanced technologies and methods;
  • responsiveness.

At the request of the customer, as part of the service, it is possible to modernize the existing system, which will expand the functionality of the installed system.

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