Oil and gas - 1
Oil and gas
We implement projects in the field of power supply and industrial automation of enterprises engaged in the extraction, transportation and processing of hydrocarbon resources.
Oil and gas - 2
Food industry - 3
Food industry
We contribute to the development of the food industry by providing our customers with the most effective and modern solutions.
Food industry - 4
Energy - 5
We offer our own technologies and technologies under the franchise of world leaders in the industry, the implementation of which ensures energy efficiency, safety and reliability of operation of facilities.
Energy - 6
Pulp and paper industry - 7
Pulp and paper industry
S-Engineering's experience in the pulp and paper industry is unique and extensive. Thanks to this experience, our company is invited as a contractor not only in Ukraine, but also for the implementation of export projects.
Pulp and paper industry - 8
Heavy Industry - 9
Heavy Industry
We develop and implement modern solutions in power supply systems and automation of technological processes for enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex.
Heavy Industry - 10
Civil Engineering - 11
Civil Engineering
In the field of civil engineering, our experience includes the implementation of projects for large-scale administrative and cultural institutions, as well as for shopping centers, hotel complexes and stadiums.
Civil Engineering - 12
Infrastructure - 13
The defining requirements of our infrastructure projects are reliability, comfort and full automation of engineering systems of objects.
Infrastructure - 14
Other industries - 15
Other industries
Our experience in other industries includes projects for chemical, cement, woodworking, light and other industries.
Other industries - 16