Technology SENUMAC

Method of automatic control of in-line conveying channel loading of granular materials line

The value of introducing any innovation is measured by the final economic effect, expressed in money.

SENUMAC® is the patented S-Engineering modern complex control system for loading the conveyor belt with innovative optimization and guaranteed control technologies.

The technology allows to solve several basic problems of all elevators and transshipment complexes at once: to increase the productivity of shipment, minimize the influence of the human factor, and also reduce energy costs.

Based on the results of complex efficiency tests that were carried out jointly with the customer at the port grain transshipment complex LLC “DSSC” (part of the international Cofco International), in Mykolaiv, the confirmed savings are:

  • increase in productivity(decrease in loading time) by 10.2%;
  • Reduction of the specificelectricity consumptionby 11%.

In addition, the quality of the ship loading process has been improved in comparison with manual control: reduction of run-out of transport equipment, reduction of grain damage during transportation due to equable loading of transport equipment; stabilization of the line’s performance to 90-95% of the nominal; the output of the system to a preset mode is 4 times faster than manual control. The process of loading grain is not controlled by man, but by intellectual technology. The performance of the complex is no longer dependent on the qualification of the operator.

For comparison the same vessels were loaded using one type of grain in the manual control mode of the operator and in the automatic load mode of SENUMAC®.

The technology is unique and has no analogues in the world.

Payback Period of implementation of SENUMAC® is 1.5-2 years.

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